About Us

Bridge Data Solutions is a privately held, Northwest incorporated company, serving customers based in the Pacific Northwest and their offices and facilities outside the region.  We are comprised of an extended, customer-focused team of engineering and sales professionals who have worked together for many years.   As a Pacific Northwest focused company, we are purpose built for our local customer base.  Our partnerships are founded to support local needs and our investments, events, philanthropy, earnings and even our taxes all stay in the local community.


We Care.

We are relentless in providing the right solution for each customer’s need. We are passionate about our reputation and have a deep understanding of old fashioned customer service; something that is regularly touted but often overlooked in this fast paced industry. Because we know that a good reputation is the strongest credential an organization can have, our customers have found that we constantly work to exceed their expectations and always operate with complete integrity. If you aren’t a customer today, please feel comfortable in requesting a referral from one of our many Pacific Northwest clients.


We Invest.

We invest heavily in our presales analysis.  Providing solutions tailored to our customer’s specific needs is best done with a solid understanding of those needs.  To help you make educated and cost effective decisions, we invest in producing competitive data detailing available options.  We are constantly reviewing and vetting new technology and features as they become available to assess whether or not they meet the need for cost, reliability, availability and serviceability.  We also remain vigilant for disruptive technologies that create an order of magnitude change in either our customer’s cost model or workflow.


We Have Fun Meeting Your Needs.

The process of selecting, procuring, implementing and ultimately using IT Solutions should be something to look forward to, and yes, even fun.   Technology can solve many problems for an organization and the process of updating your systems and processes should not be onerous.   Bridge Data Solutions has a company culture that values enjoying the work we do so spend time with our team and have a positive experience in building out your solutions.